A Statement from Rector Hayden Realtors® CEO Brad DeVries

Locally and nationwide, communities are grieving and our community is in unrest. Our hearts go out to the families, friends and to everyone in our communities who have been deeply affected by the grave injustices.

The events of the past week have served to shine a spotlight on how much work we have to do when it comes to equality. To that end, we are committed to stand against acts of racism and violence. We have created a Diversity and Inclusion initiative that will grow and expand its reach in the weeks and months ahead.

As a company, we’re reflecting on all the ways we can do better in serving diverse communities by promoting inclusion and equality. We know there is work to do. We’re listening and are committed to grow to gain understanding and learn together as we move forward. Change has to start today, and it needs to start with us.


Brad DeVries
President & CEO
HomeServices of Kentucky