View Versailles Realty available in Versailles, Kentucky. Kentucky's Bluegrass Region is known for its beauty and its excellent farming and horse rearing soils. Versailles sits 13 miles west of Lexington in the middle of the Bluegrass Region. A small town with history, Versailles possesses that small town charm so many cities try to emulate. From its historic red brick buildings, to its horses, Versailles Realty is a great investment opportunity for those looking to buy on the Central Kentucky Real Estate Market. Versailles Realty is available in all types, from homes, townhouses and condos to farms, horse farms, commercial, even horse hospitals! If you're looking to own property in Versailles, Rector Hayden Realtors will help find that perfect property. Contact us today for more information about Versailles Realty and Real Estate in Lexington and Central Kentucky.

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